How Water is Making You Sick (And What You Can Do About It)

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Forty-one of the 50 largest cities in the U.S. and many countries in the world have fluoride, a deadly hazardous waste, in their water. Millions of gallons of this deadly poison are doing irreparable damage by mass medicating everyone who drinks fluoridated water. Let’s get this toxic chemical out of water supply! If the water in your area is fluoridated, join or start action groups to remove this dangerous chemical now to save yourself, your family and the lives of future generations!

Here are just a few of the serious health hazards of fluoridated water:

  • Cancer in all its deadly forms.
  • Digestive system disorders: Ulcers, colitis, constipation, nausea, cirrhosis, hepatitis and inability to utilize vitamins B and C.
  • Kidney, bladder and urinary disorders.
  • Respiratory and lung disorders: Tuberculosis, asthma, rhinitis, sinusitis and bronchitis.
  • Circulatory diseases: Arteriosclerosis, heart failure, varicose veins, coronary thrombosis, hypo-tension and hypertension.
  • Blood conditions: Leukemia, hemophilia and anemia.
  • Mental and neurological impairments and disorders: Alzheimer’s, neuroses, psychoses, A.D.D. & multiple sclerosis.
  • Eye diseases: Cataracts, vision problems, glaucoma and detached retina.
  • Endocrine dysfunctions: Diabetes, goiter, and impaired function of the adrenal, thyroid and sex glands.
  • Skin, nail and hair conditions: Acne, boils, dermatitis, eczema, alopecia and lupus.
  • Bone and joint conditions: Osteoporosis, bone cancer, arthritis and aching joints.
  • Teeth and gum diseases: Mottled and darkened teeth, calcium and bone loss.
  • Premature and still births, hearing loss and headaches.

Fluoridation is mass drug medication.

  • Fluorides are toxic to pets, animals and humans.
  • Fluorides are deadly poisons – in the same class as arsenic.
  • Fluorides endanger people who drink a lot of water.
  • 1 ppm fluoride added to water causes urinary output to increase 3ppm in 24 hrs, overburdening the kidneys.
  • Fluorides impair the proper metabolism of fats, carbohydrates, proteins and all food eaten.
  • Fluorides are cumulative poisons and some serious side effects may not become evident for 20 years or more.
  • Fluorides also affects the genes of 2nd and 3rd generations.
  • Fluorides depress the immune system, opening the body to disease and health problems.
  • Fluoride passes through the placenta and can harm the baby.
  • Fluorides interfere with the metabolism of calcium.
  • Fluorides can stunt the growth of all living things.
  • The U.S. Government strictly regulates the shipping of products containing sodium fluoride.
  •  Fluorides are concentrated in processed, canned, bottled and dried foods and can cause grave health problems.
  • Not enough is known about how fluoride metabolizes.
  • Fluorides in the water can ruin photographic films.
  • Fluoridation interferes with all living, growing things.
  • Measuring the concentration of fluoride in water is very difficult and often inaccurate.
  • The equipment used to fluoridate water is expensive while its repair & replacement is a constant, costly problem.

Important, Vital Water Facts To Know:

  • Water is more important than food or vitamin supplements.You can go days without them, but you can’t survive long without water!
  • 30% of Americans drink water that violates federal health standards!
  • More than 90% of water companies don’t use available technology to remove chemical contaminants and toxins from drinking water!
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We have an entire action plan in the member’s area dedicated to water. Do check it out!

6 Ways to Avoid Fluoride & Some Healthy Alternatives to Fluoride

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