Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Unusual Food Reactions

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Fixed rash from foods (the medical term is “fixed food eruption”). People with food allergy may develop a rash for several days in the same location each time they eat a particular food.

Swelling from pressure on the skin associated with eating particular foods (the medical term is “food-related delayed-pressure urticaria and angioedema”).

Delayed-pressure urticaria and angioedema is an illness where people develop swelling several hours after pressure is applied to the skin. In rare cases, this occurs only if the person ate a particular food.

Body rashes from chemicals or metals in foods (the medical term is “systemic contact dermatitis”).

Some people who develop itchy rashes when chemicals or metals are in direct contact with the skin may then develop widespread itchy rashes when they eat foods with the same substance.

Nickel is a metal that can trigger skin sensitivity in some people.

For example, they will gradually develop itchy rashes around nickel earrings or necklaces. The same individuals might react to nickel in the diet with itchy rashes in various places on the body.

If you have this reaction, talk to your doctor about a nickel-free diet.

It is not easy, and the effectiveness is somewhat controversial, but it involves letting tap water run before drinking to avoid leached metals.

Avoiding utensils with nickel in them and metal food containers and dispensers; and avoiding nickel-containing vitamins and medications as well as particular foods, including shellfish, all types of legumes, oatmeal, buckwheat, millet, lettuce, leavened breads, spinach, bran, cocoa, almonds, hazel, and licorice (this list is not comprehensive).


Q. Why should I see a doctor for my or my child’s food allergies?

It is essential to confirm a food allergy so and a treatment plan is in place for any severe allergies.

Q. When should I seek medical help for a suspicion of food allergy?

You should discuss your suspicions with your doctor as soon as possible.

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